Date:     Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Show & Share Social:        Do you have anything to offer to fellow gardeners? Any interesting gardening  information? A snack to share with other attendees? A question related to gardening   or pest management? Or just good company and cheer? Join us for snacks & warm  drinks.  Feel free to bring samples of flowers blooming, or even just a brag list.

The Club will provide tea, coffee & edibles. Members & guests are welcome to bring any interesting gardening information, questions related to gardening or pest management, a snack to share, or just good company and good cheer.



The Point Roberts Garden Club meets the first Wednesday of the month, February though November, 7:00 at the Point Roberts Community Center.

Everyone is welcome to attend our informal and friendly meetings. Our annual membership fee is $10.

To join our club or participate in the Point Roberts Garden Tour, please contact us.


PO Box 1498, Point Roberts, WA 98281




Mar 2020:  Our Garden Club 2020 & Beyohnd

Feb 2020:  Fran Rozyskie & Rhiannon Allen on Native Pollinators

Oct 2019:  Chuck Norwich:  Tree Pruning

Sept 2019:  Visit to Community Garden on Benson

Aug 2019:  AGM

July 2019:  Visit to Seabright Farm

June 2019:  Mark Turner

May 2019:  Garden Visits

April 2019:  Sandy James on Bulbs, Beds & Boulevards – Wellness Through Walkability

March 2019:  Pat Harper on Defensible Gardening

February 2019:  Viewed slides of our recent activities

October 2018: Dr. David Shetlar’s podcast on Garden Insects of North America

September 2018:  meeting – Garden visit:  Sept 19 visit to West Coast Seeds trial garden plot

Aug 2018:  AGM

June 2018:  Garden visits

May 2018:  Garden visits

April 2018:  Discussion of Tyee plantings

March 2018:

February 2018:  Bring your favorite garden tool

October 2017:  Bee-wise Garden

September 2017:  Visit to Earthwise Garden in Tsawwassen

August 2017 Annual General Meeting

July 2017 Meeting:  Summer garden visits

June 2017 Meeting:  WSU weed scientist Tim Miller spoke on herbicides and pesticides.

May 2017 Meeting:  Later spring garden visits

April 2017 Meeting:  Early spring garden visits

March 2017 Meeting:  Rhiannon showed us how to start plants from seeds

February 2017 Meeting:  Slide show of 2016 Garden Tour

November 2016 Meeting:  How to make cuttings

October 2016 Meeting:

September 2016 Meeting:  Garden Visits

August 2016 AGM

July 2016 Meeting:  Garden Visits

June 2016 Meeting:  Garden Visits

May 2016 Meeting:  Garden Visits

April 2016 Meeting:  Spring Garden Visits

March 2016 Meeting:  Barry Roberts, Hydrangeas

February 2016 Meeting:  Composting Workshop on Saturday

November Meeting:  ”Living Walls – Vertical Gardening for Home & Garden”

October Meeting:  A Saturday afternoon hands-on session of fall veggies planting

September Meeting:  Autumn Garden Visits

August Meeting:  Annual General Meeting

July Meeting:  Garden Visits

June Meeting:  Garden Visits

May Meeting:  Spring Garden Visits

April Meeting:  Kristin Crouch talked about starting vegetable gardens

March Meeting:  Members brought their favorite garden tools

February 2015 Meeting:  Slide show of Highlights of Garden Tour 13

November Meeting:  Putting Your Garden to Bed

October Meeting:  Feed the Bees

September Meeting:  Garden visits

August Meeting:  AGM

July Meeting:  Garden visit followed by meeting at Community Center

June Meeting:  Garden visits

May Meeting:  Garden visits

Apr Meeting:  Kristin Crouch on “Saving Tomato Seeds and Growing Heirloom Tomatoes from Seed.”

Mar Meeting: Chuck Norwich, Arborist – “Caring for our Trees”

Feb 2014 Meeting:  Laurel Baldwin of the Whatcom County Noxious Program

Nov Meeting:  Growing sprouts

Sept Meeting:  Garden visits

Aug Meeting:  Annual General Meeting – potluck dinner

July Meeting:  Garden visits to view 3 member gardens

June Meeting:  Garden visits featuring 3 late spring-time gardens

May Meeting:  Garden visits to view members’ spring gardens:  May 18 Plant Sale at Community Center

April Meeting:  George Wright talked informally about pest management, with an emphasis on prevention.  April 23 Field Trip to Free Spirit Nursery in Langley

March Meeting:  Rhiannon Allen provided tips, tricks, & advice on how to start seeds.

February 2013 Meeting:  Preview of Spring – Two short films were shown  on Spring bulb fields and spectacular Spring bulb gardens in The Netherlands and in the Skagit Valley.  Member seed swap

November 2012 Meeting:

Madeleine Anderson,  A Fall Visit to Nitobe Garden at UBC: Madeleine treated us to a short PowerPoint presentation of Nitobe Garden in autumn.

October’s Meeting:  Jamie Dehner, Bee-ing and Knowing…some of the things you wanted to know about honeybees and beekeeping in a short presentation


September’s Meeting:  met at the garden of Don Falk, followed by a meeting at the Community Center where we discussed and approved new plans for further beautification of Tyee

August’s Meeting – Annual General Meeting

July’s Program:  Madeleine Anderson & Holger Michelsen, Observing Hummingbirds.

June’s Program:  Patricia Fleming from the Earthwise Society  presented a talk on Bees and what gardeners can to do promote healthy bee populations.

May’s Program: Visited 3 member’s gardens, and finished with wine, lemonade & cheese at the home of Scott & Jody Hackleman.

April’s Program:  Tour of the Point Roberts Homegrown Co-op on Benson Road.

March’s program:  Spring In The Garden

February’s program:  Chuck Norwich of Western Arborist Services, Pruning and Caring for Fruit Trees & other Pruning issues.







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